Why am I being redirected to this page?

Because the CAS Information Services and RoundTower Technologies have formed a new, stronger company for you!

We’ve recently blended into one organization and this merger makes us one of the leading system integrators in the industry. Our combined company now employs over 200 people and is expected to exceed $300 million in revenue in 2016, while serving over 1,000 clients, including many of the world’s leading corporations.   “The future looks bright. As technology evolves and our clients’ business challenges increase in complexity, our increased scale resulting from this union will benefit our clients tremendously,” says Stephen Power, Managing Partner of RoundTower.  Now that we’re pulling together, we have over 1,200 technical certifications from leading manufacturers such as EMC, Cisco, VMware, Hewlett-Packard, Citrix, VMTurbo, Meditech, Microsoft, Splunk and others. More importantly, it means we are better able to assist clients with a full range of solutions, from traditional data center offerings such as storage, virtualization, data protection, and security, to emerging technologies related to DevOps, cloud and automation, big data, and more. Going forward, our combined company will operate under the name RoundTower and will be headquartered in Cincinnati, OH with offices in Boston MA, Columbus OH, Nashville TN, Louisville KY, Indianapolis IN, Philadelphia PA, Tampa FL, Miami FL, Baton Rouge LA, Pittsburgh PA and Atlanta GA.