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2016 First Quarter in Review

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RoundTower: Coming to a City Near You

RoundTower expanded into a total of six new markets in 2016, including Pittsburgh, PA; Columbus, OH; Atlanta, GA; Charlotte, NC; Nashville, TN; and Boston, MA. Each of these markets has its own unique challenges and opportunities, but overall they present a bright outlook for RoundTower, the customers it serves, and the prospective customers that can benefit in the future.

“We plan to bring the same customer-first, business oriented approach to these territories that has made us successful in so many others,” says VP of Business Development, Andy Stein. “We are continually hiring industry veterans and subject matter experts in key disciplines, from traditional data center infrastructure to emerging technologies such as data analytics. Their experience and refined skill sets in these and other transformative IT strategies are what produce optimum business outcomes for our client-partners.”

Here are details about the individual locations:

Pittsburgh, PA

The second-largest city in Pennsylvania, with an area population of over 2.6 million, and it is the seat of Allegheny County. “The Steel City” contributes to such sectors as shipbuilding, petroleum, transportation, computing, and the automotive industries. Google, Bosch, Disney, Intel, and IBM are among 1,600 technology firms generating $20.7 billion in annual Pittsburgh payrolls. “I am confident that RoundTower’s proven ability to design and deliver technical solutions will enable our success as we go forward in this market,” says Steve Guest, RoundTower lead for the Pittsburgh area.

Columbus, OH

The capital of Ohio and its largest city, with an area population of about 2.3 million. It has a diverse economy based in part on education, government, insurance, banking and aviation. Fortune 500 companies such as Nationwide Mutual Insurance, American Electric Power, L Brands, and Cardinal Health are prominent in the region. “RoundTower’s capability in cloud transformation, DevOps, and predictive analytics is going to fill a significant gap in the area,” observes RoundTower’s Andy Stein.

Atlanta, GA

The capital and largest city of Georgia, with an estimated area population of approximately 5.5 million. It is also the seat of Fulton County. Atlanta has the country's third largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies (18), and is the global headquarters of corporations such as Coca-Cola, Home Depot, Delta Air Lines, AT&T Mobility, and UPS. “The area expects more than a billion dollars in technology investments over the next three to five years,” says Jacques Davignon, RoundTower’s Atlanta lead. “What better place to increase our positive influence.”

Charlotte, NC

The largest city in North Carolina and the second largest in the southeastern US. It is also the Mecklenburg County seat. Charlotte is our country’s third fastest growing major city, with a population of 2.5 million in the greater metro area. It is the second largest banking center in the US and hosts a variety of companies—nine that are Fortune 500—including Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Duke Energy, American Airlines, Novant Health, and Lowes, along with entertainment and sports attractions. “RoundTower’s capabilities in cloud, IT transformation, and predictive analytics are going to fill a significant gap in the Carolinas and continue to stimulate business innovation and careers in the area,” says Matt Steckel, RoundTower lead for the Carolinas.

Nashville, TN

The capital of Tennessee and the Davidson County seat. It is the largest city in the state and the fourth largest in the southeast with a metro population of 1.8 million. Fortune 500 companies with offices in the area include Dell, Bridgestone, Community Health Systems, Nissan, Tractor Supply, UBS and Dollar General. It is a major area for tourism and is the country music capital of the world, with all of the “big three” record labels represented there—Universal, Sony, and Warner. RoundTower Vice President, John Anthony, is very optimistic. “Nashville has experienced tremendous growth over the past 10 years, making it an ideal city for business investment. RoundTower is proud to be part of Nashville's booming economy and will focus on joint success with Nashville based businesses for years to come.“

Boston, MA

The largest city in New England and the capital of the commonwealth of Massachusetts. The city has a population of 4.7 million residents in the surrounding area. Boston’s universities have made it a seat of higher learning and its diverse technological and industrial interests drive the 12th largest economy in the world. These include health and life sciences, venture capital, manufacturing, financial services, publishing, insurance, fishing and tourism, among others. RoundTower created a strong presence in Boston by merging with the Par 4 Technology Group. “There are tremendous synergies between our companies and the integration will bring an immense amount of additional value to our clients and business partners. Joining our companies broadens our portfolio of services significantly, making our clients the biggest beneficiaries of this merger,” commented Gary Halloran, Managing Partner of RoundTower.

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RoundTower Creates Offerings
Around Emerging Technologies

Change is constant in a rapidly evolving industry such as IT, and anyone who hopes to keep abreast has to see the future unfolding in advance and adapt before it arrives. At RoundTower, we are always watching the innovators—many of whom we are partnered with—to identify new technologies that will help our customers achieve positive business outcomes.
RoundTower Technologies Cloud Insight

In the interest of embracing change, we have been developing expertise in the most promising new technologies as they evolve. Along with our work in more traditional areas such as data center infrastructure, we have been growing our knowledge and experience in rapidly advancing technologies such as converged platforms, collaboration and mobility, cloud automation and orchestration, DevOps and data analytics. This last discipline, data analytics, has proven especially significant to nearly every sector and level of the business world.

Companies have been collecting customer data and industry statistics since before the first PC was deployed in 1984, but the rate of accumulation has increased exponentially with the advent of the Internet of Things. The IoT has sprawled into a massive conglomeration of devices interconnected by an intricate infrastructure that is growing faster than Jack’s bean stalk. In the next decade, everything from skyscrapers to children’s toys will be part of a nearly infinite whole. Until now this loose collection of information we have been saving has been of limited use. Even if you could make any correlations, it required thousands of hours of intensive effort for each tiny angle of insight.

Enter Machine Intelligence™. Nutonian, Inc., in partnership with RoundTower Technologies, has created Fast Answers, powered by Eureqa®. It is the world’s most powerful data analytics software and can run effectively from any desktop computer. Eureqa was invented to address the two biggest scarcities in data science: people and time. This machine intelligence application is simple to setup and use, and automates much of the heavy lifting inherent to analytics. Moreover, it interprets models into plain English and interactive visual aids so they can be easily conveyed to decision-makers and co-workers. Despite a straight-forward design, Eureqa also includes advanced features such as a flexible API that allows more advanced users to integrate Eureqa into their existing data science workflows.

The agility and power of this new joint offering from RoundTower and Nutonian has entirely changed the scope of data analytics. Current modeling techniques require users to choose from a set number of predetermined algorithms to produce flat, static models. Eureqa leverages automated evolutionary algorithms to build sophisticated numeric, time series, and classification models dynamically, that automatically generate and update results. In short, business people can now do the work of data scientists and create accurate predictive models in minutes rather than months.

Eureqa is just one of the many offerings we use to manipulate and analyze large datasets. You have worked long and hard to acquire and maintain information valuable to your company. Why not make the most of it? Contact us to discover how our Data Analytics Practice can help you leverage information to accelerate your business.

We align business and technology to accelerate outcomes Our New Solutions

Cut the Noise

“Welcome to business in the 21st century. Where everyone has something to tell you and something to sell you.” These are the opening words to the largest customer advocacy campaign in RoundTower history. Cut the Noise is focused on helping business leaders and IT decision makers block out the incessant industry buzz and hear those few messages that actually contribute to their success.

The concept of Cut the Noise can be summarized
in three principles:


Assess the lake of information pertaining to the application of an emerging technology and distill that to a single glass.


Deliver a lucid presentation that can be absorbed in 30 minutes, at the customer’s convenience.


Ask participants to determine their interests for future sessions.

There is actually a fourth, unspoken principle; no sales pitch.
The presentation is informational only.

Accomplishing a campaign like Cut the Noise can be challenging as we work to bring you a concise, half-hour delivery that does not waste a single minute of your valuable time. Each presentation provides the keys to a particular technology that holds promise for increasing the success of your business. The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

“We are thrilled with the initial reviews of Cut the Noise!” says the programs creator, Jolene West, Marketing & Community Specialist. “People are constantly bombarded with industry chatter and this series gets straight to the point. How they can use technology to achieve their business goals. Seeing people come away with a clearer perspective makes it all worthwhile.”

Cut the Noise is a natural outcome of our work philosophy and our self-perception as a company. We see our role as one of leadership in the industry and we believe that if you focus on the process and consistently do the right thing, success will follow. Our job is to inform and support business IT functions in whatever capacity required, from advisory to consulting, from implementation to 24x7x356 monitoring. Sometimes, it just means giving friendly advice—but it must be based on solid facts.

RoundTower VP of Emerging Technologies and campaign host, Keith Odom, agrees. “IT is the information business but it has to be the right information. We bypass the hype and introduce people to new technologies that add real value by solving business problems.”

Whatever needs the business community may have in the future, we will continue to lead by being process oriented and consistently doing the right thing for each company, every time.