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DataCenter Modernization

Unburden and Advance

A legacy datacenter can become an anchor around your neck; a heavy weight slowing down every decision, opportunity, and strategy. The expense to operate and maintain a data center increases with age, while the usefulness decreases as newer technologies and methods become incompatible with your aging assets.

Sharpen your competitive advantage by removing the burden of aging infrastructure and turning existing assets into a tool for advancement. RoundTower will provide planning and implementation for any modernization project, whether building a new data center or consolidating an old one. We can leverage your past investments as much as possible by modernizing your infrastructure and assets rather than replacing them outright.

Increase operational efficiency through virtualization, cloud computing, and more flexible IT assets. RoundTower will guide you through this complex process and help you earn a return on your investment.

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Cloud Migration

Get a Foothold in the Clouds

Transitioning to cloud infrastructure doesn’t have to be risky and painful. RoundTower will ensure your move to the cloud is seamless.

Our team has conducted numerous successful cloud migrations for organizations of all sizes and use cases, from small business to the Fortune 500. Our methodology begins with a thorough analysis of your needs and goals. Using that knowledge, we’ll help you choose the right platforms and tools for your unique situation so you get the most value from your new cloud solutions. When the time comes, we will oversee and manage the migration to keep it straightforward while minimizing downtime and risk.

Don’t let fear of the migration cause you to miss out on all the benefits and stability of cloud architecture. Moving to the cloud can be a turning point for your business, and RoundTower will make it happen.

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Transform the SDLC

The Better Way to Build

Yearly feature releases and occasional updates aren’t enough to keep pace with the business climate, much less pursue a competitive advantage. Propel yourself to the forefront of the market by improving your team’s release processes.

Speed up time to market, finally tackle your backlog of tasks, and become more adaptable by optimizing the software development lifecycle (SDLC) using new techniques and tools. RoundTower will guide your organization in modernizing your development practices and tools to create greater accountability, agility, and efficiency.

By making your SDLC predictable and reliable, you’ll unlock efficiency in your technical teams and free your organization to pursue new strategies more aggressively because you’ll be unencumbered by issues. Software development will drive your business vision forward rather than lagging behind.

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Enterprise Service Management

Unify Every Effort

Every organization has requests, tasks, and workflows that happen through back channels, in person, and offline. Important requests that got lost in an email inbox or internal undocumented processes unique to each department. Until now we’ve treated these as ad-hoc, unimportant outliers, but these very workflows can seriously affect operational efficiency and strategic initiatives.

Historically, these often informal or undocumented workflows have been difficult to understand, improve, and measure because there was no way to accommodate them through technology. As a result, we didn’t always know our organizations’ capacity, which made strategic decisions much more difficult.

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) tools facilitate those offline, backroom workflows that used to happen in seclusion. Every service in your organization, from HR vacation requests to booking conference rooms to providing customer support, can now be centralized and optimized using technology. These workflows can become more efficient and predictable while also easier to replicate. With ESM, your organization will be agile and resilient, and your leadership will be better informed.

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Security Operations

Build a Smarter Defense

The cybersecurity threat landscape is constantly evolving. Businesses are under siege—every day—facing threats to intellectual property, reputation, and data. Traditional security measures can’t keep up with the rapid evolution and increasing sophistication of attacks.

Create a resilient, adaptable defense operation and stay one step ahead of attackers. The RoundTower Managed Security Operations Center Solution can provide your organization with advanced monitoring and comprehensive threat detection without the additional headcount and capital expenditure required to build your own in-house SOC.

Leverage our industry-leading integrated threat intelligence, security monitoring, incident response, and security analytics solutions and build a smarter defense to protect your vital assets.

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Data Center Infrastructure Management

Catalyze Your Transformation

The human element is often the most daunting roadblock to digital transformation. Even after the complex process of selecting the right technology, you're faced with the additional complication of either hiring new resources or obtaining additional training. Neither is a painless solution; qualified professionals are increasingly rare, and most internal teams are already overburdened.

Whether you're implementing unfamiliar technology or need more hands on deck, RoundTower's team of certified professionals are ready to help. Our Data Center Infrastructure (DCI) Management Solutions can adapt and scale with your needs while reducing initial investments and keeping operating costs predictable. Partnering with RoundTower will speed your digital transformation and convert your human capital impediment into a catalyst.

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Cloud Management

Take Back The Reins

The Cloud can provide countless enterprise services with a single click, but the costs can add up just as quickly. Without proper governance and planning of cloud resources, they can quickly spin out of control and dwarf any budget.

RoundTower has helped organizations large and small rein in their existing cloud consumption while also helping develop sane governance processes that still allow for the agility that makes the cloud so useful in the first place. RoundTower’s Cloud Managed Services team possesses deep expertise across the major three public cloud providers (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform) and can quickly assess your resource usage, get it inline with your needs and budget, and establish a process for keeping it under control.

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Independent Living Through Technology

The silver tsunami is coming, a wave of aging baby boomers are rapidly hitting the ripe age for retirement. It is estimated that 10,000 people a day will turn 65, with most expecting in-home or special care over the next 20 years. Technology has already expanded our life expectancy, but "What if IT could do more?" Learn the full story here
How is technology making an impact in Health Care?
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