• Do you need specific skill sets and short or long-term resources to augment your staff so they can focus on priorities or strategic projects?
  • Could you use additional on-site operational support and knowledge transfer when you acquire new technologies?
  • How would you like to evaluate new resources for a few months before committing to hiring them?

We have the answer. Our resident assignments fulfill your organizational needs for projects or temporary staff so you can focus on steering your business. All RoundTower residents have in-depth industry knowledge, experience, and training in best practices. They work side by side with your team on operational tasks, migrations, project work, and any other activity you require. However, you have none of the ordinary burdens of hiring, such as recruitment and vetting, administrating compensation packages and benefits.

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The Challenges

  • Implementing new technology can be challenging with insufficient or minimally trained staff.
  • Gaining cross functional expertise can be expensive and time consuming.
  • Short term project engagements occupy staff and inhibit their ability to manage day to day business operations.
  • Achieving the full value of your investment in the fastest, most efficient manner requires careful planning.
  • Relying on limited industry knowledge to implement best practices across a range of technologies is a struggle and may have unforeseen consequences.
  • Transitioning or migrating to a new environment can be a tedious, trial and error process when limited by in-house resources.

A Few Benefits of
On-site or Remote Staff

RoundTower residents will assist you with on-site planning for installations, upgrades, migrations, day to day operations, or special programs.
We will provide on-site technical training and knowledge sharing to support your staff’s day to day activities.
Best Practices
Our team will work with your staff to ensure best practices are observed for the design of your architecture as well as your day-to-day operations.
Once a RoundTower resident is selected, most of them can be on-site to assist your team within 48 hours.
We ensure that all of our residents have high-level operation knowledge and experience in the platform you require.
Custom Services
In order to meet the demands of an ever changing market, RoundTower has flexible offerings, from durations of 90 days or less to longer engagements of a year or more and even short-term projects.

On-site or Remote Staff Solutions

On-site Operations

RoundTower provides seasoned industry professionals to work side-by-side with your technical teams on daily operations.

On-site Training

Trained RoundTower professionals can augment your staff in operations while providing the guidance necessary to ensure future success.

Based Work

Keep your staff working on business critical operations while the RoundTower team satisfies your project based needs.

Specialized Staffing

RoundTower’s specialized professionals are adept at assisting and quickly training your team, working closely with them while not impacting your business operations.

IT Staff can easily become consumed with day to day operations while implementing, migrating and managing new technologies. RoundTower residency services provide expert and trusted resources with experience in use cases and best practices across multiple customer environments. A RoundTower resident will focus on your specific needs, providing day to day technical support, operational efficiencies, migration activities, platform training or one-time, project-based work. Our residents are industry certified professionals that are trained to meet the complex demands of today’s business operations.

RoundTower Offerings


  • Design, planning, implementation, close out
  • Migration Activities

Short-Term “On Site”

  • Fill an open spot while looking for full time replacement
  • Specialized skillsets


  • Fill an open spot permanently for a fixed run rate
  • Contract to hire – try and buy concept

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