Do you have the multidisciplinary experience on-staff to implement the latest technologies and upgrades? We do and we make certain our work is done correctly the first time by hiring only the best of the best and by following a process that leaves no possibility for failure because it is self-correcting.

Our experienced, highly trained and certified engineers have proven knowledge in every major category of IT, including storage, migrations and data protection, routing, switching and load balancing, computing, virtualization; operating systems and applications, voice and communications, monitoring, automation, and others, along with their subcategories. We blend that expertise into a transparent process with checks and balances that assure a successful outcome. It begins with a statement of work and solutions narrative, design time, a pre-implementation Visio and checklists. There are multiple meetings where at least three systems engineers, a project manager, and your entire service delivery team review all documents for viability and accuracy.

Throughout the project there are daily status updates with accomplishments for that day, plans for the next day, outstanding issues and a schedule that shows the present position and whether we are on track to the deadline. These are copied to all staff and customer contacts on the communications list. Any outstanding problems are quickly escalated along distinct pathways and resolved by collaboration between relevant subject matter experts.

Every RoundTower job ends with a verification of work, a project completion form and a closure meeting that summarizes work performed, software licensing, disk layout, host/system configuration, etc. Andy Behbehani, Service Delivery Manager, says “We focus on things that other companies miss, like extra care over the transition from design to implementation, so no details are lost, and giving you duplicate primary resources, so you always have two experts that are up to speed. But what really makes us the best is that we don’t stop working until you are satisfied! That's part of our company DNA.”

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Install and configure storage systems, including host connections, replication, and monitoring.


Migrate Cross vendor/platform of any size or complexity, complete with discovery, planning, execution, and cleanup, outlined in a migration workbook.


Install and configure backup systems, including hosts, replication, and backup/restore testing.


Install and configure routers, switches, firewalls, and load balancers, including high-availability, Layer 2/3, and edge security.


Install and configure all systems including compute, network, backend storage, server profile, and server pools, etc.


Install and configure collaboration servers, software, and end user connectivity to support VOIP, WebEx, and IM solutions.


Install and configure virtualization servers to support VMware and Citrix environments, including vSphere, Horizon view, XenApp, and XenDesktop.


Install, remediate and configure new environments or migrate services from an existing environment to a new one for AD, Exchange, O365, ADFS, DHCP, SQL, and Hyper-V.

RoundTower Offerings


  • Low complexity
  • Standard Scope
  • Standard Part Numbers
  • Service Briefing
  • “Sign and Drive”

Standard Services

  • Medium complexity
  • Customizable Scope
  • Single Platform
  • Design Review

Advanced Services

  • High complexity
  • Customizable Scope
  • Multi-Platform
  • Design Review

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