Companies today have a growing dependency on frequently changing, up-to-the-minute, digital information. Inefficient IT processes can disrupt the flow of this vital data, leading to lost production, sales, and revenues. Our US based, certified industry experts deliver a full range of managed services to address your business challenges and IT complexities.

There are many reasons to engage RoundTower for Managed Services, but the biggest one is so you can stop worrying about a problem or project that is diverting your attention from your business stability and growth. Perhaps you need new technology to stay competitive. Maybe you have to replace the expertise of a recently lost subject matter expert. You might be tempted to handle it yourself, but can you take on extra work without affecting day-to-day management or your ability to steer the company with strong, positive initiatives? Suppose you scout, hire and train an employee and provide attractive compensation and benefits. After months of effort and thousands of dollars, your resources are only one layer deep in a single, specific discipline. What happens when they, leave, take sick, or go on vacation?

Instead of trying to become a recruiter, consider us the next time you need help administering an office or data center technology that supports and advances your business. You will never have to give it another thought, except to check it off of your list. We provide end-to-end solutions in sales, service, installation and support that are fully customized to meet your business needs. We bridge the technology gap between IT manufacturers and organizations that are seeking to leverage technology and optimize business practices. Our resources and expertise give you the solutions that meet your company’s mission critical goals.

Don’t let dated methodologies and legacy IT solutions limit your company’s growth.
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Manage a wide array of enterprise operating systems and services with monitoring, administration, access control, security and patch updates, DR event testing, and configuration.


Setup and maintain routers, switches, and firewalls, backup hardware configurations, or manage vendor software releases, etc.


Administrate, manage, and support SAN/NAS, including fabric, zoning, replication, storage reporting, and monitoring to guarantee your storage systems’ optimal health.


Manage, monitor and report on backup or recovery jobs and tape/disk/grid devices operations, validate DR, RPO and RTO, etc.


Manage and assist with infrastructure, upgrades and patches, appliance deployment, hosts capacity, DR testing and more.


ITIL-certified and highly experienced 24x7x365 Service Desk to manage and remediate all incidents, including remote desktop and proprietary software support.

RoundTower Offerings



  • Monthly Retainer with Included Hours
  • Hourly Rate for overage
  • Priority Support for Critical Incidents


  • Short Term to Transition into Full
  • Minimum Upfront Commit
  • Hourly Rate for usage / overage

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