Is your network hampering productivity? Do you have poor reliability or downtime? Is it holding you back from new applications or datasets? Do you need troubleshooting, operational refinements or a routine health check? Can you tell if users are circumventing policies or content filtering to surf inappropriately on the web? If you were open to a security breech, would you foresee the vulnerability?

No matter what your concerns may be, a point-by-point, scientific method is the best approach. We take the following measures with every customer, large or small:

  • Designate a team of staff experts
  • Conduct a thorough assessment
  • Establish a business case
  • Anticipate and plan for future needs
  • Set goals and design the project
  • Submit a proposal and obtain approval
  • Conduct tests and validate results
  • Refine the architecture
  • Execute the project flawlessly
  • Follow up with award winning support

The result is an easily managed networking and computing environment that is highly available, agile, redundant, secure and evolves with your requirements. In short, you have a strategic asset for your business instead of just another cost center.

“Sometimes all you need is better utilization of the infrastructure already in place,” says Practice Manger Rafael Velasquez. “We bypass the hype about new technologies. Anyone can sell you fancy code or equipment but this is only half an answer. We leverage the knowledge and experience of our experienced staff engineers, and partnerships with leading IT manufacturers to bring you total solutions that are best-in-breed and cost effective.”

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