Data storage is the core of your business, providing the primary channel to vital information about sales, marketing, operations, development, finance and every other facet of your organization.

RoundTower takes a scientific approach to assessments that blueprint your current data delivery as well as projected requirements. It begins with a deep examination—both technical and business-oriented—of all use-cases from every stakeholder viewpoint. Then we apply our multi-disciplinary expertise, along with proprietary analysis, to pinpoint the exact strategies that best meet your business objectives.

Our storage architects specialize in using concentrated analytics to design agile, predictable, remarkably scalable solutions that are feature rich and provide high return on investment. Innovative techniques such as thin provisioning, hyper-convergence, virtualization, deduplication and automated tiering energize your storage environment. You get rapid, continuous access with less management and equipment burden and reduced overall costs.

In the age of big data, the only thing more challenging than keeping up in the present is preparing for future storage demands while staying within budget. Our data storage engineers have experience and certifications across many different platforms and maintain the highest industry standards. Let us show you a custom solution from our best-of-breed technologies and services.

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