Unlocking the Full Potential of the Data You Already Own

  • Are you unlocking the full potential of data and getting tangible business benefits?
  • Do you have the data science and analytical skills to make data impact business strategy?
  • Are you leveraging automation to accelerate your advanced analytics capabilities?
For years, companies have been trying to harness the business value of their data through investments in new technology, but return on their money has been hampered by the complex and problematic nature of the task. Interpreting data is labor intensive, costing excessive amounts of both effort and time.
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Today, turning data into meaningful insights requires a data pipeline from start to finish that cleans, transforms, and investigates the data you are collecting. Engineering this pipeline can be simple and elegant with the correct integration of technologies. Scientific algorithms that match patterns, time series, and classification models can be applied to uncover insights into customer behavior and business signals that drive your business.

While sounding complex, all this can be accomplished with the ease of pushing a button.

Data in . . . answers out. It’s that simple!

  • Alleviate pressure from your existing data warehouse with MPP databases
  • Create an architecture for the future
  • Scale your storage and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes using Hadoop
  • Build accurate, easy-to-interpret models—automatically
  • Enjoy Infinite scalability
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The Challenges

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  • Big Data solutions are multi-layered and often require significant investment to achieve business return because business targets are not properly aligned.
  • Databases are often chosen for ease of implementation and are soon outgrown because of scalability.
  • Conversion from “traditional” data stacks to modern stacks is often daunting and abandoned because of concerns about cost overruns.
  • Analytics often become stagnant because an initial tool is selected and traditional weekly reports are run to communicate with executives, instead of the dynamic “dashboard” style analytics with pluggable algorithms.

The Solutions

  • Warehouse Offload – Alleviate pressure on existing database systems. Learn to manage massively parallel databases and scale horizontally while dramatically reducing licensing costs. These solutions can be deployed:
    • In the cloud
    • On site, using industry standard hardware
  • Software Composable Infrastructure – Build, teardown, redeploy and create clusters of horizontally scalable architecture. Creating a platform for the future is essential for growing data within the business. These solutions must:
    • Scale on industry standard hardware
    • Reduce storage, compute, and network costs
    • Decrease downtime and increase stability
  • FastAnswers – An automated predictive analytics solution that provides data science-as-a-service. This platform can execute model iterations at the rate of hundreds of millions per second. RoundTower delivers this solution as both a:
    • SaaS offering
    • Pre-Built Appliance
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RoundTower Offerings


  • Nutonian Eureqa™
  • DataRobot
  • Apache Hadoop
  • MapR
  • Cloudera
  • Hortonworks
  • DriveScale
  • Actifio
  • Vertica


  • Data Platform Design & Implementation
    • Technical and consultative skills to develop and implement a comprehensive big data strategy
  • Existing Platform Evaluation
    • Assessments for performance and scalability
    • Engineering new applications within MPP DBs or Hadoop
  • Staff Augmentation
    • Deep expertise in databases and Hadoop to help existing staff
    • Bridge the gap when transitioning to new architectures
    • Wide knowledge of industry best practices to help vet your strategies


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