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After years in service, data centers can sprawl into a disjointed collection of equipment. This may meet the technical needs for specific applications but hinder overall performance and scalability, in addition to increasing costs.

RoundTower Technologies delivers the industry’s most advanced converged infrastructure, integrating servers, storage, networking, and management into a single unified system that is tailored to your applications and workloads. These converged and hyper-converged solutions modernize your data center so that IT can automate and simplify every aspect of operations, improving adaptability and responsiveness while reducing budgetary requirements.

Let RoundTower show you how to shift IT resources from survival tactics to strategic planning, transforming your business for greater agility and allowing you to move from following the market to leading it.

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Our converged infrastructure solutions are tailored to your workload, scalable by design, and positioned to prepare your organization for growth at a moment's notice.


Our converged infrastructure designs are fully tested and validated with all software updates required to keep your environment secure.


Companies require new ways to deliver more business applications and IT services faster, while lowing overall costs. The surest method is converged systems with built in automation.


Converged and hyper-converged environments are built and delivered to be high performing, scalable, secure and always available.

A Few Benefits of
Converged Infrastructure

Streamlined Maintenance
Means less staff, training, and knowledge base.
Supplements Cost of 100 Gb.
Fast converged fabrics and protocols cover some expense of 100Gbs upgrade.
Lower Data Center Overhead
Fewer and more compact components means less management, troubleshooting, and maintenance, HVAC, square footage, etc.
Fewer Individual Parts
Means fewer touch points, vendors, firmware upgrades, warranties, end-of life cycles to track, etc.
Faster Provisioning
Converged infrastructure builds out in blocks. A week of provisioning becomes an hour.
Scalability and Adaptation
Whole data center capacity quickly adjusts or sizes to demand.
Faster IT Response
Spin up network storage or compute quickly on demand.
Consolidates IT Teams
Fewer IT resources, more shared knowledge and cross-training.
Path to Private Cloud
Architecture is stair step to implement private cloud solutions.
Modern unified equipment easily accommodates software defined network for single-pane-of-glass management.
Greater Overall Control
Entire DCI is more manageable and maintainable.

RoundTower Offerings


  • VCE Vblock
  • VCE VXblock
  • VCE VXRack
  • VCE VXRail
  • Nutanix – NX Series
  • Simplivity – Omni Stack/Suite
  • Azure Stack


  • Consulting and Design including the applications
  • Physical and Logical Build
  • Onsite Implementation
  • Complete stack hardware and software updates
  • Migrations P2V & V2V
  • Operational Residencies
  • Managed Services


  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • VDI (Citrix & VMware)
  • Fast Answers powered by Eureqa
  • Pivotal/CF
  • Oracle Replatforming and optimization

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