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There are many forces creating the trend toward collaboration and mobility—globalization, remote employees, telecommuting, IT consumerization and the internet of things, BYOD, etc. Today’s companies need to forge relationships with customers, vendors and employees at various locations—sometimes around the world—in order to stay competitive.

RoundTower Technology is committed to helping our customers optimize the benefits of mobile communications and collaborative tools while reducing time to value and risk to their current operations. We bring years of consulting, architecture, engineering and development experience across the leading mobility platforms.

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Our approach is specifically designed to support our client’s business and IT objectives regardless of platform focus or project scope. Whether you are seeking strategic guidance, technology evaluation, design and implementation or ongoing development and integration capabilities, RoundTower Technologies is the mobility and collaboration partner of choice.

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Despite the Internet of Things, it is the people who use devices that are driving mobility. Employees, customers, and vendors have come to expect convenient, reliable, integrated connectivity to enable their relationship with your company. This is why it is so important to perform a thorough and professional analysis of the attitudes and preferences of all participants, as well as their needs, based on use history and projected scenarios.

Studies have shown that people simply neglect systems they perceive as confusing or cumbersome. Even the smartest collaboration and mobility tools cannot help you if no one uses them. Moreover, the rate of change in these technologies requires dedicated subject matter experts to stay abreast of innovations. RoundTower can help you take advantage of collaboration and mobility with optimum ROI, while minimizing your Capex and Opex overhead.

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A Few Benefits of
Collaboration and Mobility Tools

Process Improvement
Increased Productivity
Speed to Market
As processes and productivity improve, time to completion becomes shorter.
Better Quality
Ideas are generated spontaneously, mistakes are found and communicated, service delivery and products are improved.
Business Agility
Lighting fast, enterprise-wide communications allow companies to adapt quickly to market trends or individual customer needs.
Customer Experience
Fine grained communications allow greater attention and responsiveness to customers, for improved perception and loyalty.
Customer Control
BYOD self-service and feedback portals allow customers to define their own experience, when and where they choose.
Employee Fulfillment
Talent is more easily recruited and retained by companies that provide flexibility and accommodation.
Remote Monitoring and Support
The same collaboration and mobility tools that empower your workers also allow IT staff to observe and manage company infrastructure.
Lower Real Estate & Travel Expenses
Employees who can work together from home or across time zones means tens of thousands of dollars in savings on leases, utilities, airfares, hotels, car rentals, etc.

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