In the age of information, machine data is the fastest growing type, increasing fifty times more quickly than traditional business data. It has also become one of the richest sources of business intelligence, containing a definitive record of all user transactions, customer behavior, device performance, security threats, fraudulent activity, and more.

According to IDC (International Data Corporation), machine data will represent 42% of the total by 2020. However, leveraging its power has become a challenge in the world of IT. The number of devices and the volume of data they generate is not only overwhelming but resides in individual silos, making it difficult to interpret and apply.

Leveraging Splunk’s platform will allow you to consolidate and correlate all your machine data in real time, transforming it into insights that help make your business more productive, profitable and secure. You already have scores of devices collecting information that is accessible only in logs. Why not make it a practical, valuable asset for your organization?

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Splunk Expertise

RoundTower’s Splunk practice is staffed with experienced professionals that have a wealth of Splunk knowledge, spanning a variety of use cases. Our team will assist you in delivering solutions that address the issues you are trying to solve. We will also suggest other benefits that may be derived from an indicated solution so that your Splunk investment is fully leveraged to your advantage. RoundTower’s team holds the highest Splunk Consulting Certifications (SCC II) and can deliver maximum value to every Splunk implementation, from the simplest applications to largest multi-terabyte environments.

Operational Intelligence
The Splunk Advantage


Application Delivery

Find and fix application problems faster and reduce downtime. Improve DevOps collaboration.

Big Data

Search, explore, browse, navigate, analyze and visualize petabytes of data from one repository.

Business Analytics

Gain a competitive advantage by complementing existing BI investments with real-time insights and analytics from machine data.

Cloud Solutions

Leverage the cloud with confidence. Gain full visibility across your cloud and hybrid environment.


Tap into real-time insights from sensors, devices and industrial systems using SCADA.

IT Operations Management

Gain end to end visibility across your IT infrastructure, transform IT spend and better align IT with the business.

Log Management

Collect, search, monitor, report on and analyze all your log data in real time.

Security and Fraud

Use real time search, monitoring, alerting, reporting and visualizations to drive analytics enabled security.

A Few Benefits of Splunk Implementation

One Platform for multiple use cases
Visibility across your stack; not just silos
Fast time to value
Ask any question of your data
Usable with any data, any source or any deployment model
Reduction in mean time to resolution
Realize up to 60% reduction in mean time to resolution
Reduction in financial impact
Realize up to an 82% reduction in financial impact from outages
Reduction in your risk profile
Realize up to a 50% reduction in your risk profile
Reduction in incident investigation time
Realize up to a 95% reduction in incident investigation time

RoundTower Offerings

Splunk Accelerated Adoption

The RoundTower Accelerated Adoption Offering is designed to enable your business to realize the value of Splunk, optimize your investment, and reduce total time to platform maturity. This Splunk offering is based on a best-practice implementation that is tailored to your use-case. As an added benefit, it is complemented with assistance around Skills Development, Administration, and Strategic Direction.

Splunk Administrative Services

The RoundTower On-Going Splunk Administration Offering is a flexible solution designed to provide Splunk expertise over an extended time-period. Customers can maximize their initial Splunk investment by leveraging RoundTower’s Splunk Certified personnel to provide dependable administration services or to assist existing staff with adopting the best practices.


The RoundTower Splunk Health-Check Assessment is designed to review your Splunk deployment to ensure you get the most value and benefit. Our Splunk Certified Engineers will investigate your environment and work with your Splunk users to present an architectural overview, performance benchmarks, and best- practice recommendations.

Splunk Products and Services

As a Splunk Premier Partner, RoundTower can assist you with procurement of any Splunk Product, Training or Offering

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