Many clients use RoundTower’s ServiceNow Practice to control their IT Service Management (ITSM). While it is excellent for that purpose, it can do a great deal more. We can help you optimize your management practices for all of your services, whether they are internal or external to your company.

ServiceNow is an extremely user-friendly, highly configurable platform to build a foundation of service management. It can be installed to assure the timing, effectiveness, and quality of nearly any function or delivery. Although ServiceNow found its beginnings in ITSM, it was built for broad application at the enterprise level. The elevated grade, adjustable scaling, and versatility of ServiceNow differentiates it from virtually every other offering in its category. It presents one platform that can span all of your services and provide all of the reporting and management necessary to operate and expand your business.

Recognizing its enormous potential, the RoundTower ServiceNow Practice specializes in the creative application of this world-class management system to non-traditional use cases, in addition to ITSM. Such very individualized and sometimes tightly focused implementations require explicit knowledge and experience. Whatever your need is, from incident management to project enhancement, RoundTower has the expertise to forge a solution. Not only that but our customer-centric team will be understanding and responsive to your concerns because most of them have been ServiceNow customers themselves. RoundTower’s ServiceNow offers an end-to-end solution, from idea to execution,that enables complete business alignment to value and assures your satisfaction with the results.

RoundTower Technologies ServiceNow Solutions

ServiceNow Applications


ITSM is still the primary application of ServiceNow in many business scenarios. The most frequent implementation is incident, problem,and change management. Also common within ITSM is asset management, used to track equipment inventory and risk of loss. IT Operations Management (ITOM) is another strong application of ServiceNow, enabling IT to automatically control and update the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), containing data on assets and their relationships. This assures the health, maintenance, and governance of IT infrastructure through network mapping, health indicators, change management monitoring, and event management.

Other ServiceNow IT applications include Portfolio and Project Suite (PPS), a robust platform for managing IT planning and delivery; IT Financial Management (ITFM), to plan, forecast and manage IT spending; and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), to establish and manage company standard operating procedures.


ServiceNow accelerates enterprise security response by connecting workflow and systems management with security data from leading vendors. This provides a single platform that can be shared between security and IT. Better visibility, predefined workflows, and automated threat intelligence allows teams to spend less time managing simple tasks and more on preventing advanced attacks. Customizable reports and dashboards display current security status, and allow prioritizing of incidents by business impact, specific to a customer’s environment. Automated task hand-off and alert channeling reduces the risk that issues will be accidentally dropped or overlooked. These features, along with many others, make ServiceNow one of the strongest possible approaches to Security Operations Management.


CSM has become a major application for ServiceNow, providing an end-to-end view of a company’s customer relations, including request management; case and customer service management; customer analytics, etc.


HRFM, in conjunction with ITSM and CSM, can facilitate and provide a record of onboarding/offboarding; assignment and delivery of employee activities; visual, active seating charts with experience by location; facilities request management, etc.

RoundTower’s ServiceNow Offering— the anything management service

You probably have some idea of what ServiceNow can do but do you have any idea how much it can do?
What can you do with ServiceNow? Here is what some of our customers have already done.

Many companies are facing new challenges in trying to optimize and manage their increasingly mobile work force. ServiceNow’s Field Services module can manage scheduling and logistics for best service routing. It can be used to fulfill hardware delivery or manage anything from sales appointments to in-home nursing care. When a self-serve customer or company representative places a request, algorithms will assign the task to the best qualified resource and Google-map their way to the location for quick fulfillment.

Tracking each step in the process, ServiceNow allows for data capture and continuous process improvement. GPS recording and time logs from the mobile devices generate precise metrics and data for resource planning and reimbursements without manual input.


Staffing personnel to screen admittance at a secure entryway can be costly and difficult to plan, especially without knowing how many visitors will arrive and at what times. ServiceNow allows you to implement a self-serve kiosk that lets people perform a pre-check-in by web browser or mobile device. All data required to grant temporary access can be captured by manual entry or ID scan without human intervention. Then a security officer can validate the information and click to print a temporary badge. Traffic flow data gathered by the kiosk can also help you plan staffing based on the busiest and slowest times of day.


Many companies have overlapping shifts or multiple site locations which force them to maximize space by sharing desks or allowing hotel seating. ServiceNow can build and maintain accurate site maps of your facilities and even color key them for convenience. Seating and time slots may then be assigned by an administrator or employees can reserve them through a self-serve kiosk. Accrued analytics will help drive future space planning and expansion.


Every company faces the challenges of preparing for a new employee’s first day. There are reams of paperwork and decisions to be made about equipment use, access rights, seat location, orientation activities, etc. During times of company growth, the elaborate task of onboarding multiple resources can slow momentum. Based on employee responses on forms, ServiceNow can generate custom task lists for key guidance personnel so that no steps are missed or it can automate the entire process by interacting directly with the new hire through a self-serve kiosk. Questions and answers drive the entire decision-tree so your employee can transition quickly into their new role with minimal intervention from HR.

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