The DevOps tools market space is challenged by competing choices of development language. This makes decisions in architecture complex and difficult to standardize. In addition, the fact that DevOps is a recently emerging technology has made skilled resources difficult to locate and retain.

Do you have the in-house expertise to develop a sustainable DevOps platform with the velocity of change in your market segment? Do you have the foundational IaaS capability to optimize the return of your DevOps platform?

Today’s organizations are challenged by the market to increase the rate of their development cycle. Consequently, momentum for a DevOps transformation is growing in many companies, requiring people, processes and tools to synthesize simultaneously. RoundTower Technologies will help you navigate this complexity at the speed of change so you can stay competitive!

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Working with your critical stakeholders and IT staff, we will capture your priorities and requirements to develop a DevOps strategy that addresses SDLC and IaaS domains.


Establishing a DevOps SDLC that combines release and build automation process frameworks is critical. It must also manage infrastructure as code, while outlining a deployment process that leverages the SDLC.


You need smart DevOps platform tool selections to architect an end-to-end tool-chain that is aligned to the DevOps SDLC process framework.


We will create base template libraries, establish application package and environment specific repositories, and implement tools and API to facilitate continuous deployment for your company.


RoundTower will partner with you, implementing controls that support migration to DevOps SDLC, creating and automating unit/integration and functional testing and defining quality metrics.


We will demonstrate how to Integrate DevOps and IaaS platforms and treat infrastructure automation as a deployable asset, enabled through the use of version control.


We will help you identify and train resources from existing Dev QA and IT operations to staff new DevOps team.

Some Advantages of
Implementing DevOps:

Less start-up time
Simplifies problems
Cross-training removes bottlenecks
Faster problem resolution
Improved flaw detection
Decreased failure and rollback rate
Faster average recovery from failure
Increased responsiveness to change requests
Shorter development/deployment cycle
Faster time to market
Continuous software delivery
Streamlined feature delivery
Stable operating environments
Less fix/maintain, more time to add value

RoundTower Offerings


  • Chef
  • GitHub
  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  • Puppet
  • Visual Studio Team Services


  • Strategy- Advisory services that address people, process and technology.
  • SDLC Optimization- Consulting services to implement an application development process and operations framework optimized for DevOps.
  • DevOps Platform Architecture & Design- Develop an end to end DevOps toolchain architecture.
  • DevOps Tools Support Technology specific technical support and assistance.


  • VCE Foundation for Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  • Azure DevOps Jump Start
  • Jump-start your DevOps transformation and deploy Pivotal Cloud Foundry
    • Pre-architected and sized Vblock Systems
    • Pre-installed Pivotal CF
    • Configuration to align to your DevOps requirements

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