Coping with today’s exponential data growth overwhelms legacy data centers. You want to leverage innovation to maintain and grow your company but how can you do this when you are busy just servicing your environment? RoundTower will help you evaluate and architect your data center infrastructure to meet the emerging challenges in the 21st century.

RoundTower Technologies provides end-to-end data center solutions, utilizing consulting methodologies that are refined by decades of experience, across multiple disciplines. Through purchase assistance, consulting, and services, RoundTower transcends the barriers between legacy technology silos and consistently delivers premium values. We bridge the knowledge gap between IT manufacturers and your organization to leverage new IT strategies that optimize your business practices. Whether you are addressing network, compute, data protection, virtualization or security, we provide the resources and expertise that allow your company to reach its goals.

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Beginning with a comprehensive assessment, we map our methodology and application to match desired outcomes for all stakeholders, providing performance analysis, capacity & utilization planning, architecture, and proof of concepts.


Data center technology, network and compute requirements are surging in response to data growth and complex user access methods. We provide critical guidance in technologies such as virtualization and software defined networks to keep your systems up to date and secure.


Backup applications are merely the tip of a solid data protection strategy. Through comprehensive analysis, we develop an all-inclusive, tiered model that integrates the best protection methods in every technology silo, from redundancy to remote storage, and more.


Our solutions are designed to focus on superior resource utilization, operational efficiency, and ease of management. These are readily integrated into public, private or hybrid cloud, increasing automation and enabling you to seamlessly scale and excel in rapidly changing markets.


By assessing and prioritizing all available defensive measures, RoundTower brings comprehensive risk management to your data center. Our extensive partnerships with industry leaders allow us to factor in legal and regulatory compliance while maximizing network and data security.

A Few Advantages of
Advance Data Center Infrastructure

Enjoy Economies Of Scale
Increase your output and productivity with less staff.
Manufacturer Independence/Objectivity
We have an outside perspective and our only allegiance is to you, the customer.
Team Sizes On-Demand
We are there whenever you need us and we cost nothing when you don’t.
Collective Expertise
You have a certified professional in every technology category.
Depth of Experience
Each team member has experience over scores of use cases.
Specialized Tools
Our team has diagnostic and analysis tools beyond the ROI of most companies.
Less Lead Time
Our team is trained and ready for anything.
Set Costs
The job cost never changes unless the scope extends.
Purchase Advantage
Our partnerships allow us to procure faster and cheaper.
Faster Deployment
Multi-disciplinary teams can build and test infrastructure faster and without missteps.
Reduced Downtime
We can have you up and running in record time.
Manufacturer Support
We buy in massive volumes. When we ask, manufacturers listen.
No Risk/Responsibility
How the job goes is no longer your problem.
Focus on Your Core Business
Have the time to do what you do best.

RoundTower Offerings


  • Storage - EMC, Hitachi, NetApp, PureStorage, IBM
  • Network – Cisco, Brocade, F5, Palo Alto, Microsoft Azure
  • Compute – Cisco, Dell, HP
  • Virtualization – VMWare, Citrix, Microsoft, Zerto
  • Data Protection – EMC, Veritas, Rubrik, Veeam, Microsoft Azure


  • Assessments
  • Consulting
  • Architecture & Design
  • Technology Selection
  • RFP & POC Management
  • Implementation
  • Managed Services


  • Virtualized and software defined Data Centers
  • Cloud solutions with automation
  • Converged & Hyper-converged architectures
  • Data center protection strategies

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