To The Cloud and Beyond

Today’s enterprises face a maze of cloud and automation offerings. As you develop strategies, it is critical to work with a partner that impartially addresses the entire range of options, so you make the best decisions for your business and customers. Our Cloud & Automation Practice brings unbiased expertise and a comprehensive framework that addresses the entire infrastructural lifecycle.
RoundTower Technologies Cloud Insight
Optimize the benefits of Cloud and Automation while reducing time to value and risk to your current operations. We bring years of consulting, architecture, engineering and development experience across the leading public, private and hybrid platforms.
Our approach is specifically designed to support our clients’ business and IT objectives, regardless of platform focus or project scope. Whether you are seeking strategic guidance, technology evaluation, design and implementation or ongoing development and integration capabilities, RoundTower Technologies is the cloud and automation partner of choice.
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A Few Benefits of
Cloud and Automation Technologies

Enjoy Economies Of Scale
Increase your output and productivity with less staff.
Reduce Spending on IT Infrastructure
No capital expenditures. Pay as you go based on demand.
Broaden Your Reach and Accessibility
Communicate across the city or around the world with no downtime.
Improve Agility
Change direction or scale at a moment’s notice.
Streamline Processes
Get more work done in less time with fewer people.
Faster Delivery and Quality of Service
Shorten your time to market with better products.
Manage SLA’s
Monitor your deadlines.
Incident Reduction
Have fewer errors and delays.
Decision Analysis
Document and learn from missteps.

RoundTower Technologies has
Certified Engineers with Experience in:


Working with your critical stakeholders and IT staff, we will capture your priorities and requirements to develop a cloud strategy that meshes with your current and future strategies.

Roadmap & Timeline

Using a tools-based approach, we will execute discovery and analysis of your workloads to develop a cost and performance comparison across public/hybrid/private cloud providers, creating a clear route and schedule to the cloud.


We will architect your needs for public/hybrid cloud within your host provider’s design specifications. We will develop private cloud architecture based on the chosen platform.


Building and testing public or private cloud automation platforms is one of our core competencies. We provision infrastructure for operational readiness and acceptance.


We provide end-to-end program management of workload and data migration processes, moving from current to future platforms.


Design, build and test integrations for acceptance. We can help you expand your automation ecosystem from the cloud to internal or external services.


We provide consulting, analysis and support to optimize existing cloud operations, performance and reporting, or service consumptions.

RoundTower Offerings


  • Public:
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft Azure
  • VMware vCloud Air
  • Private:
  • VMware
  • Cisco
  • OpenStack
  • Hybrid:
  • VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Peak10
  • VirtuStream
  • Integrations:
  • ServiceNow
  • Microsoft Azure Stack


  • Strategy & Roadmap Advisory services to help define the journey.
  • Architecture & Design Architectures to align business & IT priorities & existing investments with cloud technologies.
  • Implementation Agile delivery approaches to accelerate time to value.
  • Integration Extending automation to the complete enterprise IT landscape.
  • OptimizationEnhancing the operational performance.


  • Cloud Workload Migration AssessmentTools-based workload profiling and dependency analysis to provide a cost comparison of leading cloud providers or internal options and develop a complete cost analysis.
  • Federated – Enterprise Hybrid Cloud VMware vRealize based architecture with EMC workflows to automate DR, Backup and other services.
  • Cisco MetaPod OpenStack based management platform designed, supported and managed by Cisco.

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